AYM for Finanacial Freedom is the brainchild of Julie M. Watkins, business owner and financial manager for several small businesses. Julie has been keeping books for all of her adult life. First, she kept her personal finances up-to-date. Then she started keeping books for a small web design business she and her husband operated. Later, she owned several other businesses, including a restaurant, and kept books for those, as well. Currently, she manages finances for a cleaning company, and a web design business and keeps records for them as well as managing the household finances. In addition, she is a volunteer consultant for a small non-profit organization and assists with bookkeeping, money management, cash flow, grant writing, web content, and social media management.

In keeping books and talking about money and bills and budgets and income and expenses with many different people over the years, she realized that financial management is a skill many people lack and is not often taught in school. Young people entering adulthood and independence are often left to learn this skill (or not) on their own, sometimes to their own demise.

This website aims to assist all people in obtaining Financial Freedom by learning skills and gaining confidence in managing their own financies and developing ways to lesson the burden of bill paying and financial management through Automating Your Money.

Along with articles on personal financial management, there will also be articles on managing finances for businesses and using financial software.

AYM for Financial Freedom